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Your priorities and interests become our priorities and interests. We will ensure that you save time, money and more importantly you will have peace of mind that you received the best possible mortgage solution that meets your individual needs


Whether you are already an investor, are to new to buy to let, or are actually just looking to find a bargain home to live in, you have come to the right place. We provide advice and assistance with acquiring high quality investment properties in the Australia.


What happens to the family, if you lose an income due to sickness or illness? How would you pay the mortgage and other bills? We all have a car insurance, but do we ever thought about ourselves? Speak to us, and we’ll assist you to set up your insurance through superannuation.

About Us

As someone who takes pride in their achievements and is firmly committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for each client, Catmandu Finance leads by an example when it comes to serving the clients with personalized service.

Life’s surrounded by finance so called DOLLAR, its fruitful if managed well or could simply destroyed. This is where our expertise plays vital role, specialises in helping all types of loan, investments, manage your finances and insurance.

Whether you are buying a property, refinancing, a first time buyer, buy to let investor or you are simply curious about how mortgages work, we are right here for you. We know you probably think finances are not that exciting, but we love them, so who better to talk to us?

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  • 10 Reasons to Contact Us

    We represent you not banks; We are independent and can shop hundreds of mortgages products; We are not middlemen,

  • Service Guarantee to YOU

    To provide specialized, comprehensive and confidential credit advice at a time and place convenient to you.


    Mortgage lenders are in it for the profit; don’t let anyone else tell you differently. And, who can blame them?

  • Promise to You

    Catmandu Finance is committed to providing an unparalleled customer service to our client

  • Bank VS Catmandu

    Buying home is life’s biggest investment. Choose wisely. Be with someone who could guide you in every step.

What clients say about us

Thank you Shamim for assisting me to find right loan, home and communicating with various parties. And, also assisting me to rent out the property.

P. K. Bhattarai
P. K. Bhattarai

Thank you Shamim for assisting us with our refinancing, insurance and investment property. And also preparing out budget plan.

Bhoma Limbu and B R Subba
Bhoma Limbu and B R Subba

I had contacted number of brokers, and the reason I came to you was response time and answering all my query and concerns. I’ve probably sent you over hundreds of emails and made number of calls through out the months. Thank you for your patience and listening.

Stefannie and Leo Costa
Stefannie and Leo Costa

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